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The Lifeline Canberra Family is challenging you to complete the 3,318 push-ups this June; to help us raise awareness of mental health and the number of Australians who lost their lives to suicide in 2019.

We’re so excited to announce that registrations for the 2021 event are now open.


Register as a participant, from the drop down menu select ACT – Lifeline Canberra as your beneficiary.

Step 2: Fundraise

Whilst fundraising is an optional part of this event, we do encourage it. Feel free to throw in a few dollars to support mental health if you like and of course feel free to get your friends and family supporting you and Lifeline Canberra too.


On the 1st of June it all begins. You’ll be completing 3,318 push-ups over 25 days. The target amount per day varies and whilst you can catch up if you fall behind, you can’t get ahead.

Rachel's Story

Rachael Stevens was 17 years old when she attempted to take her own life. She was found by a friend who took her to hospital. It was on the way, almost too late, that she first thought the decision she'd made might have been the wrong one.

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