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Lock Up Your Boss April - June 2019

The yearly round up of Canberra bosses is back!

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Day 10 of Lock Up Your Boss 2019

Over the past ten days we've locked up all of these bosses from across Canberra. Some of them are repeat offenders who have been behind bars for a good cause before and some are...

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Lock Up Your Boss 2019 Launched

The yearly round-up of Canberra bosses has started again today, and we’ve already locked up thirteen bosses! There’s only one way to get them out – raise enough cash to make...

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Road to Mental Readiness Program (R2MR) Launch

On Monday 25 February 2019, CEO of Lifeline Canberra Carrie Leeson and the Patron of Lifeline Canberra Dr Brendan Nelson officially launched the Road to Mental Readiness Program...

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Rachel's Story

Rachael Stevens was 17 years old when she attempted to take her own life. She was found by a friend who took her to hospital. It was on the way, almost too late, that she first thought the decision she'd made might have been the wrong one.

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