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Accidental Counsellor

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  • 2 Days
  • Free


Lifeline Canberra is the original creator of the Accidental Counsellor course. 

This program has been developed for people who find themselves in situations where effective and empathetic communication is required.

Accidental Counsellor is aimed at those who would like to be able to safely and effectively support friends, family, colleagues, clients and strangers who are in distress or may be experiencing a crisis.

The program provides participants with a range of tried and tested counselling skills that work to create effective communication and de-escalate people who are highly distressed and/or displaying anger, abuse, manipulation or need assistance for a mental health issue.

Course topics

The key outcomes of this course are

  1. What is an accidental counsellor
  2. Values, conflicts and crisis
  3. Communication and listening skills
  4. Basic counselling skills
  5. Building rapport
  6. Increasing mental health awareness
  7. Suicide awareness
  8. Dealing with people in difficult situations
  9. Boundary and limit setting
  10. Self care and debriefing

Key outcomes

The key outcomes of this course are

  • Identifying signs of a crisis
  • Active listening skills
  • Enhanced communication skills in difficult conversations
  • Crisis support skills
  • How and when to refer
  • Setting boundaries
  • Self-care and self-reflection

Who is this for?

The target audience for this course is:

  • Anyone in a client/people facing role
  • Anyone who would like to learn how to support others in crisis
  • Anyone looking to develop communication skills
  • Anyone exposed to challenging situations, interactions and conversations

Course structure

  • Delivery: face-to-face only, over two consecutive days
  • Participants: min 8, max 18 per course
  • Cost: available on request

Make a booking

To make a booking for your corporate group, please contact us via email on training@act.lifeline.org.au