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Difficult Conversations

Accidental Counsellor

Lifeline Canberra is the original creator of the Accidental Counsellor course. This two-day program has been developed for people in virtually any role, who find themselves in situations where counselling or empathetic communication is required.

2 days

Dealing with People in Difficult Situations

This course provides participants with fundamental skills to deal with people who are displaying difficult behaviour. This intensive course equips people with the skills needed to de-escalate difficult situations as they arise, and most importantly, the value of boundary setting and self-care.

Mental Health Wellbeing & Resilience

Mental Health First Aid

This two day course teaches adults how to assist other adults who are experiencing a mental health crisis or developing a mental health problem.

R2MR - The Working Mind - Leadership Course

The Working Mind Leadership course, where in addition to the topics covered in the employee course, leaders acquire tools and skills specific to: Workplace accommodations and return to work; The role of leadership in promoting positive mental health in employees; Ad hoc incident reviews; and Early recognition.

1 day

R2MR - The Working Mind - Primary Course

Primary (4 hour course), where participants are provided with valuable information, skills, tools and resources specific to: Stigma and barriers to care; Healthy coping strategies; Mental toughness; and The Mental Health Continuum Model, a self-assessment tool with indicators of positive, poor, and declining mental health.

4 hours

Suicide Awareness & Intervention

ASIST - Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

Would you know what to do if someone talked to you about having thoughts of suicide? Lifeline Canberra offers a two-day program designed for people in the community who want to feel more comfortable, confident and competent in helping people at risk of suicide. ASIST is a highly interactive, practical, practice-oriented workshop.

Two-day program


DV Alert

DV Alert is a course for professionals working in a related field to provide them with the tools to assist those in domestic violence situations.

2 days

DV Aware

The 2 hour DV-aware is a one-day awareness session that is available to the public or organisations, providing an in-depth awareness session around the issue of domestic and family violence

2 hours